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We aim to be the market reference in the insurance brokerage sector, those who can bring value to organizations by being a part of their development and growth, consistently aligned with their goals and the broader marketplace.

In an ever-changing business environment where technology plays a pivotal role, the insurance world is constantly evolving and embracing the digital transformation. We, though, firmly believe in the power of relationships, and in an in-depth collaboration with our clients to develop top-notch customized consulting services to go beyond any risks of depersonalization and disintermediation in our sector.

We are devoted to bring success and growth to our Client. We want to proud ourselves of being a trusted partner, a ally in business decisions, and an anchor when waters get rough. We establish the partnership with our clients on accountability, collaboration, synergy. And we do this through:

Sustaining our client’s associates with our experience and expertise, by bringing in knowledge and practicalities, and by always aiming to improve and provide a competitive advantage

Investing energy, efforts and resources to shape a new risk management culture and a new perspective in ethics and conduct, where our quality of service and professionalism are pillars for the client to achieve results and secure the future ahead

Involving our clients in choosing the best products and services for their needs, by constantly and openly interacting with us and the market

Developing our team by constantly turning potential to performance, by fostering excellence and expertise and by consolidating experience

Preserving values and relationships, based on ethics, accountability and respect

Communicating relentlessly with clients and stakeholders, by listening to their needs then providing practical, concrete solutions and constant help and dialogue

Seeking total quality at all times by a ceaseless improvement of our processes, products and services to improve our customers’ success

Reinventing our offering by always being one step beyond the market to ensure concrete insurance solutions on the edge of technology and innovation

About Us

A&A Insurance Broker is an established reality in professional services, born to assist domestic and foreign clients in consulting, administration, issuing and reviewing of insurance contracts.

Thanks to the consolidated experience gained in integrated risk management, we are able to design and provide tailored services with high specialization in all product sectors, where we can create solutions aimed at individual specific needs and manage any type of business risks, whether SMEs, large companies, or any other entities.

The success and satisfaction of our customers stem from the quality of our services, specifically designed by our team of experts, highly specialized in insurance brokerage, analysis and placement of risks, aimed to protect our customers’ business and assets.

Our global insurance markets insight capability allows us to build strong relationships with over forty insurance companies, so that we can always search and find the right proposals that, from time to time, both on the Italian and European market, best adapt to the specific needs of the Customer and thus guaranteeing insurance plans based on maximum efficiency and top results.

As we are cognizant of what we are entrusted with, we always conform to and abide by laws, customs and professional practices, adhering to strict observance of precise moral obligations which are based on principles of professionalism, independence and transparency towards all the interested parties, be they partners, customers, insurers or colleagues.

As a further proof and confirmation of our moral and professional integrity, A&A Insurance Broker, in addition to being regularly registered in section B of RUI IVASS – n. B000172589, is associated with A.I.B.A – Italian Insurance Broker Association – conforming to its rigorous Code of Conduct.

Products and Services

The economic fundamentals in Italy and Europe are vulnerable, with repercussions in all sectors and, in particular, in the knowledge-based industry where there has been a decline in confidence all around. We at A&A Insurance Broker, however, know that in the vast world of services, looking at the concept of life cycle is a way now outdated.

The needs of customers evolve, and it is the goal of a good partner to propose solutions to client companies that can adapt to changes.

A&A wants to be at the customer’s side in the strategic design of innovation and investments which are necessary to reduce its risk profile, increase revenues and productivity, and make an organization capable of successfully facing the challenge of the globalized international market.


The new way of doing business makes it a difficult time for all industries, in particular the commodity sectors are the first to deal with this burden.

It is essential for individuals, companies and businesses to understand how to distinguish the value of a consulting service that is able to offer certainties, by relying on a trusted broker.

A&A Insurance Broker aims to be a strong strategic partner for each and every client.


The high specialization in complex market segments, the aptitude to design targeted coverage for each type of customer, the possibility of structuring wide-ranging programs, the ability to offer a unique underwriting capacity on the market, have allowed A&A to identify and define a series of Areas of Expertise (AdS).

Thanks to the top-notch knowledge of the intrinsic characteristics of each of these areas, A&A experts plan, design and implement core solutions which are uncommon and distinctive as a success factor in insurance brokerage.

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